Gargona Grace hookah is made mainly in oriental style. Material: AISI 304 stainless steel, polyacetal.


The hookah is completely collapsible and consists of 10 parts (base, immersion tube, diffuser, valve, connector, central tube, shaft pad, spacer, saucer, bowl connector), as well as a mouthpiece in the kit. The height of the “Gargona Grace" above the bulb when assembled is 400 mm. The shaft diameter is 12 mm.


To adjust the traction, a diffuser made in the same style is used. Installation of the diffuser is allowed on either side. The diffuser operates by moving it along the dip tube. Tightness is ensured by two o-rings.


The connector is made of stainless steel and is installed on the orings. The diameter of the hole is at least 10 mm.


The base is 84 mm in diameter and has an individual curved profile, which cannot be confused with anything. The material of manufacture is polyacetal. A stainless steel threaded sleeve is pressed inside. For convenience, there is an additional blind hole for storing the mouthpiece. Purge is provided by 4 evenly spaced holes with a diameter of 5 mm. The thrust is made through 2 holes with a diameter of 6 mm. At the top there is a recess for installing a single valve. The engraving is done on the side surface and represents the logo and name of the brand “Gorgona”.


The Gargona Grace valve is made of polyacetal and is optimally designed for soft blowing. It is installed between the base and the cover with the end facing downward.


The pad has a length of 270 mm, made of polyacetal. It is installed with a cylindrical groove with a diameter of 21 mm inside the base. When installing the cover plate and subsequent assembly, the inner sleeve is not pulled out of the base.


The central and immersion tubes are made of stainless steel. Threaded connection M16x1. There are 6 holes with a diameter of 3 mm on the dip tube to facilitate traction with the hub raised.


A saucer with a diameter of 190 mm is AISI 430 stainless steel and can be 1 mm or 1.5 mm thick. It has a small recess around the circumference to prevent the coals from rolling. The saucer is also engraved with the brand name “Gorgona”.


The bowl connector is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The diameter of the hole is 12 mm, the length of the conical part is 36 mm with small circular notches that prevent the bowl seal from sliding. Rezba M16x1.


The mouthpiece is also made of AISI 304 stainless steel and complements the design. It has a length of 290 mm and 13.5 mm diameter for fitting the hose. Through hole with a diameter of 10 mm. The nose configuration realizes the possibility of installing a disposable plastic mouthpiece.


An interesting feature is the lack of balls, and their ability to get lost.


When creating GORGONA GRACE, the goal was to create a relatively simple, collapsible, reliable, attractive, with pleasant smoking characteristics hookah and at the same time with an affordable price.


RUB 6500.00Price